ComPAust products are the result of successful research into the significant use of the by-products of sugar production. ComPAust products have been successfully developed specifically for the food industry.

A significant by-product of sugar production is the cane fibre waste after the sugar juice has been extracted. The fibre by-product is called bagasse. Until recently bagasse was incinerated.

Bagasse is now refined and used to manufacture a range of eco-friendly products. Made from these natural palm fibres, ComPAust Food Packaging is a safe, biodegradable eco-friendly packaging offering an alternative to traditional plastic and foam packages.

Whereas plastic and foam packaging can take from 60 to 100 years to break down, ComPAust Food Packaging takes only 6 to 8 weeks. It can be thrown directly into a compost bin or dug into the garden.

ComPAust Food Packaging is strong, thick, microwavable, holds liquid, is easy to use. It does not have a petrochemical based wax coating so is completely environmentally friendly. A seemingly biodegradable traditional paper plate or paper cup still has a petrochemical based wax sealant. ComPAust products do not.

A new alternative to plastic and foam packaging, ComPAust biodegradable Food Trays and Packaging provide an environmental, healthy and earth conscious alternative to traditional plastic or foam packaging. Made from 100% natural, sustainable biomass.

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